The Fear of dying sucks the joy out of living

Only one who has fully embraced the certainty of death is truly alive

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“I don't want to die from Corona,” she says. "I think that is so awful".

Getting sick and dying. I think they are two of the most dreaded things of the past year.

Although everyone knows that life does not last forever and that dying is ultimately inevitable, it is one of the worst things that can happen for almost everyone.

That makes sense. Humans simply have the will and urge to survive and to maintain the species.

Yet dying is the only certainty we have in life:
You die from living life. It's that simple.

I can understand very well if you already drop out here, because you find this cold and hard to hear, but I just don't like to make things more beautiful than they are.

Okay, everyone dies in the end. Fortunately, no one knows when, how and what. It's a kind of Russian roulette. Any day can be your last. (I really can't make it more beautiful)

Which brings me to the "problem" most people have with dying.
Everyone wants to die in a “neat way” and preferably at a “perfect” moment of their own choosing under the perfect circumstances.

UNFORTUNATELY! It doesn't work like that.

I ask her: “So then what do you want to die from? She looks at me as if she sees water burning. Well, at least not to Corona, ”she says again.

I ask her how she'd rather die: (after all it's inevitable in the end)

Falling down the stairs, a car accident, a serious illness, a heart attack, death in your sleep? She pauses at my sobering question and I see it made her think. "Well, I don't know," she says.

To live you have to take a risk every day: The risk of dying

The risk of having an accident
The risk of having a heart attack
The risk of getting sick
Every day…………

I'm pretty sure you've never looked at it like this. And that before Corona you were probably never as concerned with getting sick or dying as you are now.

But now …… .. now everything is different!

But is that really so?

I think you are still at the same risk as for Corona. But just because getting sick and dying are now being put under a magnifying glass and almost everyone is confronted with this on a daily basis via radio and TV, it now seems that this is more likely.

Let me say this: the chance that you will get cancer is still many times  bigger than that you will get Corona. Yes, that too may sound harsh. But you know what they say: the truth is harsh.

Unfortunately, many people have become (more) anxious to live because of the insecurity and stress they experience. The pleasure and carefreeness has been pushed into the background and for some it has even become a vague memory.

An important question is: Do you dare to trust that life will always bring you exactly what you need to grow? Even though it is sometimes really tough and hard.

I cannot give you advice on how to live and what you can do to stay healthy. Still, I know one thing for sure: 

The fear of dying sucks out the joy of living!

What do you need to keep having joy and confidence in life despite everything that happens?

Could you use a little help to move from fear to trust and joy? Then contact me. I would be happy to help you.

Also if you want to share something with me in response to this message, please let me know.

PS: If you or someone close to you has been affected by the effects of Corona or otherwise fell ill and passed away, please know that I empathize with you. To see someone suffer or lose someone is terribly sad. 


 Life is not complicated, only our  thinking makes it so